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  I have been working on getting my vehicle outfitted  - I think I am gonna be ready for the set, please put me down.


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I’m in. 
Alex Gray 

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Our annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) will be held in conjunction with the Boone County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) on November 14. Also the nation-wide Red Cross EmComm drill will be going on that day.

This year there will be an option of operating from your home QTH, due to COVID restrictions. We will be emphasizing the use of Winlink for sending forms. Operation from a Red Cross designated shelter will be, as in the past,  our other option. Those operators will not be inside the shelter building, or interacting with any shelter volunteers. (The buildings will likely be locked) We will be operating mobile, or portable (fixed antenna) from the parking lots.

So far I have the following volunteers:


If you have a couple hours on Saturday morning, November 14, a VHF/UHF radio, and an interest in participating with other hams in practicing procedures we might want to use in responding to emergencies in Boone County where our radio capabilities could be used, then we would like to have you join the exercise. But I need to have you "registered" into the exercise so I can plan what you will need to do. If you have never used Winlink (email by radio) we would like to help you get started with this mode. If you have packet radio, or FLdigi experience working at your station, then you have the hardware needed to get into the Winlink system. We could offer a Zoom training session in the near future if there seems to be a need. If you choose to operate from home, then we would like to use that event to move you to getting a true emergency power capability so we can report all stations were on emergency power. (You could do this by operating from your car/truck in your driveway, if nothing else:)

So I am hoping to get a few more volunteers for the 2020 SET. Let me know if you can "play". After this week, I will just be communicating plans, etc. with the interest group only, so as not to clog up this email reflector.

Stay safe, 73,

Bill N0AXZ

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