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John Beatty

Hi Bill,  using the settings on the ap, you can select All passes or only visible passes.  And it tells you the quality for visibility, inbound and outbound direction.   I just have the app set for all passes using Columbia, MO and it seems to work fine.


On the ARISS.Org page I couldn’t find a newsletter or blog or alert thingy where I could capture the SSTV announcements among other activity.  This time I got lucky using my dual bander in the house.  It is set to scan most of the time and 145.8 is a channel that alerted me.


I have just accessed a free service on the web ( that will alert me by email when content changes on   If there is an alert on this type of activity on this web page it will let me know when data changes on (and I need to go an take a look).  I’ll keep looking for other ways. 


There are some good visual passes today.  The event is through Oct. 8.


Good luck Bill


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thanks for reminding us of the ISS photo show. Does the Detector app only show passes where we would likely see it out the window? There may be several good passes over us in the daylight that, although we couldn't see it,  we need to know about for these SSTV images. Last time I was aware of the SSTV transmissions from the ISS, I just set up the radio and computer and left it going for 24 hours, and got some good downloads that way.

Good luck,



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"ISS Detector" is a free app for iPhone and Android with alerts and many features.  

John - NO0I



Bill N0AXZ

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