VE Testing Session Tuesday Night

Jon Cole

Hello all,

This month's testing session will be held tomorrow night at 6:00 PM at the Harris Shelter, located in the southwest corner of Cosmo Park in Columbia (see attached map) 

If you are testing, we require that you have:
1) a photo ID
2) $15 cash or check
3) a CSCE if you previously passed an exam element that does not show up in the FCC database yet.

We request that you have:
1) proof of existing license (if any)
2) FCC FRN number. (Printed on your license or you can register with the FCC to get a FRN before the exam)
3) reading glasses if needed
4) additional lighting if needed (the shelter has pretty good lighting but those of us with old eyes may want more lumens)

If you need directions or information, feel free to call or email me.

Jon Cole, N0OFJ
VE Liaison
(573) 864-4551

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