Re: Online security - check out your own situation if has been a while

Scott Vince

Startpage is another 

On Jan 1, 2021, at 12:39 PM, Boback <RNAckerman@...> wrote:

I agree. I am also checking out the Brave Browser. Seems a little bit better than FireFox, but does have some issues on some web sites.


On 1/1/21 12:30 PM, John Beatty wrote:
In the new year please think about getting the most secure browser and online security barriers you can muster.  We all know they are doing it. Some are more obvious than others.   I gave up Chrome a long time ago.

Two tools I personally like,  Firebox and BitDefender AV.  I like Firefox because they continue to work on functional security features that are actually useful.  For example, "fingerprinting" is blocked by Firefox.  Here's a  discussion about it.

Do what you can and check out your own security situation if it has been a while. 

73, John - NO0I

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