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There are a lot of videos on both sides of this issue out there. The Model Airplane people (which I am one of) have been dealing with this for a while. The products this person is dealing with have been proven safe when used properly. That includes, minimize the number of batteries being charges at one time, charge at a slow 1C maximum rate, charge outside, preferable on concrete or gravel, and don't use puffed batteries. I have seen Lipo and other similar types of battery burst into fire. They are difficult to put out and best let them burn out.

Let's be clear. These products do NOT contain the fire/burn. They are designed to minimize it. There are dozens of examples of people charging in their cars, only to have their cars burn up due to a burst battery.

In my experience, the people with the most problems with their batteries either, 1) charge to fast, or 2) don't wait until the battery has cooled before charging; thus abusing the battery.

My recommendation is to keep them in a metal box (Ammo can, drill a couple of holes in the top for fire vent if necessary), with only a few batteries per box, store the box on a concrete surface (such as in your garage), and away from other flammable materials.

After many years of Radio Controlled flying and dealing with these batteries, I have yet to have a problem as I follow my rules.

There, my 2 cents.

Bob Ackerman, N6VZO

On 3/30/21 11:36 AM, Chris Swisher wrote:
Be very careful if you choose to use this bag. I would not use it indoors.

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Practice safety first when using Lipo battery packs
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