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Fred Dittrich


Thanks for sharing this information. It's nice to know what the FCC considers amateur RF safety distances to be.


Fred AE0FD

At 03:58 PM 4/28/2021, you wrote:
For those who need to know, the following message contains links I trust will be useful.


John, KC0HSB

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Subject: Changes to FCC RF Exposure
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 16:24:27 -0400 (EDT)
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There has been a lot of discussion about the changes to the FCC RF
Exposure rules. The good news is that the changes aren't really big. To help get the word out on what they mean to us, I had our Division
Webmaster, Steve Schmitz, W0SJS, post a FAQ to our website. You can
visit the website,, and look for "RF
Exposure Rules Changes" or go directly to this link to get the document:

I find the exposure calculator reference in the FAQ to be a simple way
to do the required assessment.

Also, Greg Lapin, N9GL, head of the ARRL RF Safety Committee gave a
great talk to the RATPAC. You can watch the video by going here:
Since our Vice Director, Dave Propper, K2DP, is on the RF Safety
Committee, please feel free to direct questions to him, k2dp@.... Of course, you can email me, also.
73, Art K0AIZ

ARRL Midwest Division
Director: Arthur I Zygielbaum, K0AIZ

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