Free Tower

Robert Speckhals

Evening all,

We are selling our cabin and I need to remove my tower.  It is on a tilt base and I used a hand winch to tilt up. 

It is located approx. 12 miles north of the Booneville Mo River bridge.  You will see the little the marker at the top left of the pic.

You MUST have a 4 wheel drive to get up the drive way.  It is gravel and you will spin making ruts if you don’t. 

You can have all the cabling, tower, the tile base if we can get the base loose, 2 meter and the discone antenna.   I am keeping the TV UHF antenna and the 160- and 80-meter balms.

I plan to go up this Saturday if weather permits.  If your interested in helping take this down and having send me a reply or you can call me for more details.

Robert Speckhals KD0ITM




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