Re: Ralph, WD6BGN email update

Ryan Raney

Sorry to hear that Ralph. 

I got a weird one from you from Gmail, but they omitted part of your call sign. It was suspicious so I ignored it. 

Gotta be careful these days. If you haven't already, I recommend enabling two factor authentication on your email account. It's the key into the rest of our accounts usually, so it needs to be protected the most. Hope you can get it all cleaned up and haven't lost anything too important. 


On Thu, May 20, 2021, 8:13 PM John Beatty <jebeatty@...> wrote:



Sorry for any weird emails over the past weekend.  I got hacked big time.
I had to close my hotmail account, and lost my address book.  Ugh

So please don’t use my hotmail address.
Please us my outlook one.

And Bill I won’t be able to participate this weekend for Santa Fe.  Will be on Zoom Sat.

73 fer now



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