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John Beatty

Hey John, is there a link available?  I tried fishing around but no luck yet.  Thanks,. John NO0I

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I've been slowly plodding my way through a collection of sea stories and
came across one that will be of interest to CW operators. It's by
Jacland Marmur called "The Ransom of Peter Drake." It was originally
published in the Saturday Evening Post, January 3, 1948. Here's a
summary I found online. It doesn't do the story justice, but you'll get
the idea anyway.

"Short story. The story about a radio operator who panicked and did not
get a distress call out when his ship sank, causing the crew to spend
weeks in a lifeboat before being rescued. He signs on another ship as an
ordinary seaman. Well you guessed it, the ship starts sinking and he has
a chance to redeem himself."


John, KC0HSB

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