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Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

I will be available to help with a demo of my go kit with HF and VHF antennas to run out the door. I would like to do a demo of Winlink in that demo space too. Since SET will be in three days from that day, I could show them that exercise (quickly from the player's handbook).
 (I may have trouble doing this in 1/2 hour :)

Thanks for your leadership in this  class.
bill N0AXZ

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 3:21 PM Herb Watchinski Jr <herb@...> wrote:

Hello CMRA,


As I have discussed for several weeks the Technician License Class sponsored by CMRA will start one week from this Thursday and run for four (4) consecutive weeks each Thursday evening from 1830 to 2030 on October 21st & 28th and November 4th & 11th.  Classes will be held at the Columbia Area Career Center (CACC) just north of Rock Bridge High School, the classroom is just inside the south(west) entrance doors to the immediate left of the office.  Members of CMRA are invited to attend as observers (not students) and will be accommodated as room size permits.  Might also get to expose your personal ham experience or even answer a question or two.  Class will begin on time and there will be a break at each session (approximately 1930), so before class and during the break would be a suitable time for members to interact with new candidates.  This is how we recruit new members and continue to grow.




During the third session on November 4th, we will conduct a hands-on demonstration of ham equipment and operation.  This is not a field day, but an opportunity for new hams to see and touch some of the capabilities that their new ticket will provide.  Since there are currently fourteen (14) students enrolled this means that if we have three (3) to six (6) licensed hams with equipment, then we could spread out the students.  My vision would be a table inside in the hallway outside of the classroom with a couple of transceivers, one or more handheld units that will have to probably be used outside due to the metal roof of CACC, and a mobile unit or two.  The inside units would need to be coaxed to antennas outside on the paved entrance walkway or the adjacent grassy area.  I plan on twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes for this exercise. Setup for the inside units with their antennas would occur prior to class time – handheld and mobile units would not need any setup.  Utilization of the local repeater(s) would be the primary operation (which would allow for interaction between the those inside and those outside).  Other capabilities can be demonstrated as time and conditions permit (maybe some data transfers).  All my contact information is below, so please do not hesitate to step up and get involved.




Herb Watchinski Jr


5604 Nearpoint Court

Columbia, MO 65203-8769

573.875.0770 Home

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Bill N0AXZ

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