Re: VE Testing This Week

Herb Watchinski Jr

There are seventeen (17) students on the roster.  To give Jon as much time as possible, we will start testing at 8:00 pm with paperwork started shortly before (Jon’s call on when to break to get everyone signed up ).




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To all our VEs,


This Thursday at 7:30 PM we will be administering exams to the 12 class members of Herb's Technician class.  The class starts at 6:30 PM, when I will be reviewing FCC rules and reg's, so please keep that in mind.  We will have two classrooms available for the testing, but may simply "set up camp" in the hallway for doing the grading and paperwork.


See you there.


Jon Cole, N0OFJ

VE Liaison


(573) 777-3564

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