Re: December CMRA Meeting In Person

John W. Smith

Meetings on Zoom have been great for me. However, I'm OK with in person
meetings. I just have to arrange transportation.


John, KC0HSB

On 11/29/2021 4:27 PM, Jon Cole via wrote:
Hello All!

I have arranged to use the Boone County Commissioners Chamber for our
club meetings for the next six months.  the only question is whether
people want to meet in person due to COVID.  We could also potentially
do a hybrid meeting, although they tend to be a bit of a challenge to
get it so those on Zoom can hear well.  Anyhow, it is now up to the
group to decide.

Also of note, there has been a minor scheduling error for testing.  We
can meet in the Chambers this month, but the following three months
(third Tuesdays) are booked.  An alternative is to re-schedule those
three months for the third Wednesdays.  Again, discuss.

Jon Cole, N0OFJ
Treasurer, CMRA
VE Liaison
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