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Ralph Howard

If you are on facebook.  Also there is a U tube.

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Couple dumb questions.
When you try and connect, does the radio transmit?

  Can you transmit the test tones?  Use another radio to listen.

Does it connect?  A second radio helps here.  You should heae some handshaking between your station and who you are trying to connect with.

I have to set the volume on my HT quite high.

Mine connects, then just stops.  That is because in packet, after the connection makes, it "shifts gears" to a faster mode.  Mine never makes the shift.  Shifting gears is my term.  If you listen on another radio, you can hear the differance.

Last thing, Mobilkind suggests a ferrite clamped over the radio data cable.  If you don't have one, I have sone spares.


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I had talked to Mobilinkd support multiple times and they kept say in works with the 51A, and they sold a cable for it, and they keep referring me to the manual to insure I set it up properly. But they finally said, "We don't have a 51A to test it with." I think I am just missing one step in the process so I am looking for hardware recommendations. I have the 51A (HT, external mic connection) and a 5100A (mobile, mic RJ45 cable connection) to work with. My recent interest is from the recent BCARES exercise and I wanted to be able to be mobile and operate Winlink. During the exercise I ended up using my cell phone as a hot spot to connect via internet.

Bob, N6VZO

On 12/9/21 6:51 AM, Ralph Howard wrote:

I have a Mobilinkd TNC.  Mine is an early model.  It does not like Winlink.  Is OK for APRS.  And for normal packet radio.  At least that is what the manufacture told me.  He said that the newist version should work with Winlink.
It does work OK with APRSDROID.  I rubber band the TNC to a Boefeng, and run Droid on my phone.
Hope this helps.

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I would like to see a meeting or workshop (Zoom or in person) on setting up Winlink hardware. The software side I understand. I have been unsuccessful in getting the radio transmission side functional. I have Win 10, Mobilinkd TNC, and an Icom ID-51a.

Bob, N6VZO

On 12/8/21 9:43 PM, Bill McFarland - N0AXZ wrote:
There were a good number of us using Winlink for the SET, but things keep changing and we need to practice to keep our radios doing the right thing as we can forget over time of non-use.

So I am asking for those who would like to do a Winlink exercise once a week to respond to this email. I will take a week to collect your red hot responses and then make a group of Winlink practitioners to which all subsequent emails will be sent. 

What would you be getting into?

Each week I will send you some instructions via your regular internet email describing what you should try in a Winlink session. You will have a few days to do the homework and send your Winlink message. You can use any mode and any RMS node in general with some exceptions. We will experiment with forms, and pictures and some Peer-to-Peer opportunities, and some Tactical call signs with all that. We will specify some non-local RMS nodes to see how well we can get out of the county (HF) should we need that in some emergency response. (but we don't want to swamp any node with all our messages :)

So I would send out a play on Sunday night and you would have until Thursday 11:59 PM to send your Winlink message to me. That will give me Friday and Saturday to see how we are doing and what comes next (or REPEAT).

The developers of Winlink are continually improving the system so we need to open Winlink Express and take the updates that pop up regularly. For instance the Check--in form has just gotten a significant change. You will need to know your GPS coordinates and now they have added What 3 Words (W3W). If you don't know what that is, your first assignment is to find out what your W3W are.

It will be fun and educational all at once. If you have never used Winlink before but are willing to try sending email by radio, join us and ask questions and get help setting things up. At the beginning if you don't have a radio connected to your computer, you can use the Telnet session which only requires you to have internet to play. 

Please send your requests to join, or questions before you commit to me off-list (billmcfarland10@...).

Happy Holiday,
Bill N0AXZ

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