Re: Report on the SET Exercise on Club Site

Ryan Raney

Looks like a great turnout, glad to hear participation was up! Sorry I
couldn't participate this time, but I plan to be available for the
next one. Good job everyone!

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Great job Bill and All

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Bill, N0AXZ, has done his usual excellent job putting a report together
about the SET exercise held on November 6th. It's now available on our
club site.

Below are two links. The first goes to a post featuring a blurb from the
report and the link to the full document. The second link is the direct
link to the document.;;sdata=cWkhkjwesj5NwirmZhNV4yxoXqrmfn8cWPd5LjoCZhw%3D&amp;reserved=0;;sdata=PhU%2FNLtFHKs8gWtowjTOF7pY%2B1Guz%2Fpv9ltMPn6Vhjs%3D&amp;reserved=0


John, KC0HSB

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