What do you think of this radio?


The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus DMR Handheld Radio   https://www.bridgecomsystems.com/pages/anytone-878uvii-plus?utm_source=Daily%20Engaged%20Users&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Prepper%20Engagement%20Opt%20In%201%2F14%2F22%20%406pm%20BDS%20%282022-01-15%29&_kx=qPnd9Zpg3afVJA-Vm3JE4HByhFBiXcOBzjMtqnEzcFs%3D.H69D7S

Would get it from Bridgecomm in KC.  $299.00 with software, on-line training, etc.  I would want to use for DMR I assume to talk around the world but also just plain old analogue mode when in the mountains with other other Land Cruiser club members.  Car to car. No external antenna.

I have a 10W TYT which is not user friendly but easy to get on the one channel I need.  And 4 Baofeng units which are also not super easy to program even with laptop software. Also easy to get to one channel but lots of steps to program for much more.  I Can use Chirp to load 2 of them and 2 won't work with chirp. 

My only real experience is off-roading, vehicle to vehicle and used to do the local call around on Wed nights. 

Will the AnyTone make my overall experience easier and will it do for cross country travel easily.  Anyone have one?  You can email me directly or reply to group.  Thanks! David.

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