Re: What do you think of this radio? Thanks for the info.


I am retired and I have spent most of 3 days working on this radio. I really wanted to learn DMR. I haven't learned anything on DMR yet as everything I have done was learning the radio. As a retired IT person, I soon realized that a "CodePlug" was just a small database containing your radio settings and freqs. After playing around I came up with a plan to help figure out the radio freq assigments. Using a spreadsheet program  (Excel), enter all your frequencies into a list and organize them into groups. I made the following groups:, "Analog Repeaters", "Digital Repeaters", "Analog Simplex", "Weather" (Yes you can add NOAA channels), and "Scanner"; then organized all freq under these groups. These group names then become your "Zones". Then load all your freqs into the channel tab, go to Zones tab, create each zone and select each freq for the appropriate zone, and you are almost ready to load these settings (your CodePlug) into the radio.

DMR requires a few more steps. Talks groups were a little more confusing. I had 3 local talk groups I wanted to join and with the radio you have to add the SAME freq into the radio, each with a different talk group assigned, into the radio. For example, I wanted to be on my state talk group (MO), local talk group (Columbia, MO) and the state ARES group, I needed 3 channels setup. Confusing at first.

The Bridgestone University courses are pretty good, but sometimes confusing. Most of the videos are on Youtube. Instead of being an organized course, they are a collection of videos put in somewhat of an order.

73, Bob,N6VZO

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Sounds good, and like good advice. Thank you, Bob. 

Hoping you think the radio sends and receives well, controls make sense and all that.  If you want to give feedback on that stuff, I'm happy to hear your thoughts.  My guess is you have way more experience than me overall.  The price seems good, and with a car charger seems like it could go anywhere and be used from home.  Would be much easier than trying to set up the old 40W Radio Shack mobile unit I got from a friends dad.  40W sounds good but heavy, and back lights are half gone. 

DMR seems like a neat and pretty easy thing to talk around the world (as least they way they describe in their promo video, LOL) and that'd be cool.  Mainly I want a really good very mobile unit.  Thanks again.  Email me any time and if I get one I'll report back!!!

David.  KE0-CYS

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