Testing Location No Longer Available

Jon Cole

Hello all,

I checked in with the County and scheduled the regular CMRA meeting for the Commissioners Chambers through December.  However, the Chambers are no longer available on the third Tuesdays and this includes next week.  We were preempted by County government organizations.  I tried to schedule a meeting room at the library, but because we charge $15 for the testing session, it was declined.  Consequently, we have no testing space.  Our emergency backup is the restaurant space at the Conley Road Hyvee, but if someone knows of a better location, please let me know.  I do not have time to put more research into it this week.

Suggestions I have received or thought of include churches, the American Legion post and seeing if Lenoir Woods has opened up again.  Other suggestions included checking the Chamber of Commerce website for ideas.

Thank you all.

Jon Cole, N0OFJ
VE Liaison CMRA

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