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Oh, that's interesting. I've also read that the UPS USB connection an cause problems. I'll try disconnecting that and see what happens. Thanks for the idea.


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VARA FM worked fine for me from the "get go" but I struggled with VARA HF for many weeks with it not keying the PTT.  Unplugged the USB attached GPS antenna, and everything now works fine across multiple bands.  Auto config when the USB antenna was plugged in obviously conflicted with the ports that VARA HF wanted to use.


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Attached please find the relevant settings on my PC.

Here's the problem. Ardop has worked for years and has no problem CAT controlling the freq on my IC7000, BUT the same settings fail to do so with VARA HF.

Note that when closing the radio settings window there is a warning that sometimes having CAT control on the same COM port as the audio might cause an issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Fred AE0FD

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