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James Whitehill

Bill and FD team:

This will be a Field Day to remember: 105 degree heat index, decent propagation, good snacks and brauts (thanks, Herb).

 John, NO0I, drove to Rockbridge Park this afternoon to give me most of my  FD equipment that he recovered late last night as the FD crowd dwindled.  I am still missing some things, however, and would appreciate their return to John, NO0I, at next Wednesday lunch, unless I show up for lunch.

N0AXZ and/or K0PHP: I believe one of you has my G5RV antenna and the colorful 1/8" dacron lines that held the two wings of the antenna.  Also, the  G5RV antenna center insulator was attached a 12 ft. RG8X coax with 5 ferrite chokes on one end.  I also am missing the small original box for my Bencher paddle. The box is white and has a Bencher paddle label on one side.

W0ZH probably has the orange flags II gave him as Safety Officer, to mark hazards.  We use these in our subdivision as markers for projects (trees to cut, paths to mow, etc.)  I will see Myron Tuesday night at Herb's house (K0ZB), when we plan what to do for a license class, nwt that the Career Center is changing its focus and eliminating the community education courses, such as the highly successful Technician license classes.

Jim, N0SSM

On Sun, Jun 26, 2022 at 3:56 PM Bill McFarland - N0AXZ <billmcfarland10@...> wrote:
FD guys,

I have the following:

AD0ZE: Antenna in the bag. coax, D74, sunglasses, sign-in sheet

NO0I coax, black fan

N0SSM antenna from Van, and a cardboard box with some items.

Blue extension cord on a nice reel
Unopened package of paper plates and a bunch of red cups.

Let me know how you want to get these back :)

Bill N0AXZ

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