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Ralph Howard

Just a thought, is anybody a member of a church that has education capabilities?

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The minutes from our July 12, 2022, CMRA meeting have been posted on the website along with the minutes from the Education Committee being attached,  These committee minutes were presented at that meeting.  I ask that everyone please read the minutes including the attachment.


In order to continue teaching the Technicians Class we need a place to do the instruction.  The minimum requirements include the ability to display PowerPoint (and ideally an Internet connection), table seating for at least twenty (20) individuals, must be ADA compliant, and the ability to do demos at the third session and testing at the sixth (last) session.  Classes have been held on Thursday evenings from 1830 – 2030 for six (6) consecutive weeks, or seven (7) consecutive weeks with a week break between session three (3) and session four (4) in the past and this seems to work best for the instructors’ schedules. 


The Education Committee desperately needs each member to review the suggested ideas in the committee minutes and then REACH OUT to these and other entities to find us a place to meet.  Expeditious focus is of the upmost importance, since we only have a limited amount of time to finalize details with the owners of the location, advertise and begin taking enrollments.

We need everyone rowing on this one, and darn the pileups, full speed ahead.




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