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John W. Smith

Thanks, Jim and Bob for pointing out the problem. I'll take care of it a little later this evening when I've finished another project I'm working on. It's amazing what a wrong symbol or two can do.


John, KC0HSB

On 8/22/2022 7:08 PM, Boback wrote:


There is a

<p>a</p>between May and June in the code (line 351). I don't know why it shows above the table, but I can't find anything else that would do that. Maybe because it is listed prior to end of the table row which forces it above the row.
On 8/22/2022 6:00 PM, John W. Smith via wrote:
The minutes for our August meeting are available now at . Click on August for 2022 to view or download.

The observant will notice a stray letter a at the top of the 2022 listings. I'm still trying to figure out how it got there and how to get rid of it. It's a html code mystery to me at the moment.


John, KC0HSB

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