Re: 9:1 balun or Toroid?


It has the parts to build a 49:1, comes with 66' of wire, supposed to work on 10/15/20/40. Lists for $69.95, sell for $40. I have another kit (bought 2 by mistake) which I haven't finished due to my knee.

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On 9/12/2022 1:33 PM, John Beatty wrote:

Bob that is great.  Do you know if it includes a 9:1 balun (or other kind like 49:1) and how long is the length?  Thanks very much. 

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I do have the ARRL End Feed antenna kit, untouched.


On 9/12/2022 10:18 AM, John Beatty wrote:
Does ant have a 
FT-240-43  Ferrite Toroid Core 43 Material or a 9:1 balun they want to sell?  Let me know or bring it to the club meeting tomorrow.  We're making an end fed antenna for a club member. 
Thanks, John - NO0I


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