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To keep you in the loop.  On Thursday after a day of testing  we learned that Bob (hubby) is due to have triple by-pass surgery on the 24th of May.   He went to his regular check-up on his diabetes  and mentioned to doc that he was short of breath when doing his valet job.  Doc ordered a  blood test and a stress test.  Blood work came back as sluggish thyriod, so started on meds.   Stress test came back and doc ordered a heart cath, which was done on Thursday.  When the doc came in to tell us the results he said that there was a blockage that he didn't know if could be treated with meds or maybe needed surgery.  He wanted the surgeon to see the test and decide which direction was best route.  When the surgeon came in he shocked the bejeebers out of all of us when he said Bob would need a triple.  His comment was that usually he sees patients after a problem but seldom does he get to see one before.  Other than that things here are a little soggy and cold today. Supposed to clear and warm up the rest of the week.   Keep us on your prayer list.   Love to all
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