2022 Nixa ARC "NARCfest" Hamfest - Saturday, November 12, 2022

Central Missouri Radio Association

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Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2022 21:43:25 -0500
Subject: 2022 Nixa ARC "NARCfest" Hamfest - Saturday, November 12, 2022

Good evening everyone! The Joplin hamfest has passed and now it's time to
start planning for the next hamfest in Southwest Missouri and the last one
of the year! We are looking forward to a great hamfest and would be
excited to have you there also!

To download the hamfest flyer, click on 2022 NARCfest Flyer


Doors open at 8:30 a.m. and we have some exciting events lined up for you
already. Associated Radio, D&L Antenna and Ham Crazy will be on site for
all your new equipment needs. If you’re in the market for used gear,
you’re also in luck! We will have about 25 tables available for used
equipment with 1/2 of those already rented and the hamfest still a
little over 6 weeks away. So if you have some used gear to sell, please
email us ASAP before the tables are gone at hamfest@...

At 8:30 a.m., Rob Huelga, W3LGA, and members from the Nixa ARC VE team will
be holding a VE testing session in the upstairs conference room area.

We will again have TWO great forums for this year’s event! At 10 a.m., the
first forum will focus on POTA (Parks On The Air) – how to activate a park
and what equipment to consider. Dennis Kimrey, W0HL, and Roger Worley,
KE0OMJ, and possibly a third person will present and hold a Q&A panel
afterwards for those with POTA questions. The second forum at 11:30 a.m. by
Eric Presser, KD0CEN, will focus on using the NanoVNA to check and build
your station and mobileantenna systems!

If you want to catch breakfast, a morning snack or lunch, the Barnhouse
Grill will be open and serving coffee and food throughout the event at
their on-site restaurant. Since the restaurant is located inside the
hamfest venue, you won’t even have to leave the facility for your
breakfast, lunch or snack attacks!

There is plenty of parking on site – you will be able to park on the East,
West or North parking lots around the building with handicap access to the
forum / VE testing area on the West side of the facility. To streamline
entry, the entry cost is $10.00 and that gives you 2 chances at hamfest
prizes. And, if you would like to purchase the Super Ticket for $20.00,
that gives you 20 chances to win!!!! We have over $1500 in prizes to give
away courtesy of DX Engineering, Alpha Antenna, N3FJP and the ARRL and
prize radios and equipment purchased by the Nixa ARC.

Remember: All funds from the hamfest go to support the Southwest Missouri
Linked Repeater System (SMLRS). Last year we avertised that we were hoping
to add a couple of repeaters to the network to fill in the coverage of the
system should it be needed for a regional ARES activation or as a backup
for / supplemental communications medium for the regional SkyWarn network.
Thanks to your support we were able to add the 145.290-, PL 100.0 Hz Taum
Sauk repeater to the link system in March 2022 to expand coverage to our
East and we upgraded the 147.060+ PL 162.2 Hz Bolivar repeater in August
2022 with a new 9 dBd gain antenna system and 7/8″ heliax with hopes of
adding it to the SMLRS in the near future providing the SMLRS coverage
between Springfield and Clinton and beyond! This year we have an
opportunity to add a repeater to expand coverage to the West into Kansas
and NE Oklahoma and hope to raise funds to support that repeater system. If
you would like to make a donation above and beyond your admission ticket or
“Super” ticket purchase, you can do so at the hamfest or anytime online by
sending it to paypal@... and with the donation leave a note
stating “SMLRS westward expansion”

If you’d like a visual representation, click on the following: Barnhouse
Event Center location

Please help us out by passing this along to your friends, clubs and other
people that you think would be interested in attending our hamfest.

73 & we hope to see you at NARCfest 2022 on Saturday, November 12th!

James Adkins, KB0NHX
Hamfest Committee Chair - Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (K0NXA)