Noteworthy Items from the ARRL MO Section Newsletter

John W. Smith

I know some on this list get the ARRL MO Section Newsletter from Dale Bagley, K0KY, so I'm not sending the whole thing. However, there are three items I thought worth sharing.
Since our club is updating things, the first item is of importance. I wasn't sure who to send it to directly. I trust it will get due attention, if it hasn't already.
The remaining two items should be of general interest.
John, KC0HSB
I’m joining with Keith Haye, WE0G, the MO Section
Affiliated Club Coordinator to encourage all Affiliated Amateur Radios
to update their information on the ARRL website.  This is essential in
a club remaining an active Affiliated Radio club.  The web-link for how
to do this is at
 .  A club official
needs to make the necessary updates and then submit them online to the
ARRL.  It takes about 3 days before the updates appear on the website.
To get to your Affiliated Club page, use the following link.
 then enter Missouri in the Section
search option.  The MO Section Clubs are organized alphabetically by
City.  Once you get to your club’s page click on the edit button on
the upper right of the screen and off you go.
I hope by now that most of you are aware of the need to contact your
member of the U.S. House of Representative to get them to oppose H.R.
607 in it’s present form. This bill seems designed to eliminate the
use, by Amateur Radio operators, of the allocated frequencies on 440
MHz .   The following link can be used to get a sample letter to your
Congressional Representative so please follow all the instructions
  I know that there are
some concerns about folks not having Microsoft Word as a word processer
and thus having problems printing off the sample letter and editing it.
Even with Microsoft Word, I had to save the letter before I could edit
it. I would suggest that those with this type of problem use the
information in the sample letter and compose a comparable letter using
their word processor.
          Here’s a brief reminder that the MO QSO Party 2011 is just
around the corner. The Boeing Employee Amateur Radio Society has
announced that the 2011 Missouri QSO Party will be held April 2 and
3rd.  For detailed information about the MO QSO Party us the link
  Let’s have a great MO
QSO Party 2011, see you on the air.