August Minutes

Bill McFarland <wmcfarland@...>

CMRA meeting minutes – 9-August-2011

President Daniel, KC0UTW, called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM with 23 present.


The June minutes were approved as distributed.


Our Treasurer, KM0R, was on vacation, so we had no report.


Old Business:

Bob, K0YBN, reported that he was disappointed with the turnout for the auction this year. There was not too much to sell, and only 16-17 people were in attendance. Others reported that they thought the auction did create about $500 this year.


Dave, KV0S, reported that the balloon project is proceeding well. He stated there was a need for parachutes, and Corey, KC0YNS, will take care of that, or more accurately, his wife will be making the parachutes. Dave further stated that there will be a need for monitors from their home QTH as well as chasers to find the craft when it comes back to earth.

Don, N0UBC, reported the Wednesday net is going well, but needs more check-ins and could used more NCS operators.

Mac, K4CHS, reported the Thursday net is also going well. He is working on getting the weather service interfaced to his repeater soon. The alert boards will then open for certain weather alerts that come from NWS.

Report on Field Day -  Corey, KC0YNS, reported that FD was great this year. We had five antennas in the air, and at least three working stations operating 2A.Jon, N0OFJ, reported that it was good to have all three stations within about 50 ft of each other, with limited interference. The closeness made us feel together. Mac reported that several Go-Kits worked out fine. Bill, N0AXZ, reported that Chris Smith, UM-Health Care Emergency Preparedness officer, made her first HF contact on the GOTA station. Later he made several PSK contacts and one RTTY contact. Jon, N0OFJ, fixed the club’s big extension cable so we will be good next year. No one was able to report how many contacts the club made, but with Dale, AE0S, and Bill, N0AXZ, working all night, and Mike, AC0G and Andrey, W3AMB, working late into the night, K0SI 2A should have done fine.

The club voted to accept the application for membership for KC0FNA, Norman Lampton. The membership application from WH6EB, M. Peter Higgins was received and will be voted on at the next meeting.


New Business:

Corey reported that Tom Hammond, N0SS, of Jefferson City passed away and that the funeral is to be held Saturday. The club voted to send flowers to the funeral.

Daniel, KC0UTW, reminded the club of the up coming MS-150, and the need for operators and drivers.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Following the meeting, Hank, KD0BVQ assisted by Dave, KV0S presented a program on PSK and the program FLDIGI.


Respectfully submitted,

Bill, N0AXZ, recording secretary