Ham radio demonstration for youth

Don - KM0R <km0r@...>

I am in need of some volunteers!  I would like to set up a ham radio demonstration on October 15th for a group of about 20 to 25 scouts.  Their ages will range from 9 to 17.  I’ll need someone to take the lead on this, to organize the ham radio portion of the event and coordinate ham volunteers as well as with me.


This opportunity coincides with the 54th annual Jamboree on the Air, a scouting event where Scouts from all over the world get on the air to talk to each other.  You can find information here regarding the world-wide event for 2011.  http://scout.org/es/information_events/events/jota/the_54th_jota_2011


Here is a link to general info on scouting and Jamboree on the Air, including frequencies and information on how the JOTA event works.



I would appreciate any and all who can assist with this project.  I envision a couple of stations setup where the boys can get on the radio to talk to other scouts and see demonstrations of ham radio. The boys really took to Morse code at a radio merit badge preview a couple of years ago down at Camp Hohn.  Jim – WY0B and Earl – KF0GE did a great job with the boys there.  So, if anyone who is proficient with CW would like to participate, this is a great opportunity to bring out a code oscillator and teach the boys a few characters.


This event will take place in conjunction with a Troop 68 campout where we will be inviting the Webelos Cub Scouts from Pack 68 to come join us.  We will be camping Friday and Saturday nights, but the ham radio portion will only be on Saturday.  I do not have a location identified yet, but it will likely be in Boone County.  I will provide one of the quiet Honda 2KW generators for use during the event, but battery power will be preferred to show scouts just how portable our setups can be.


Lunch will probably be provided, though we may ask volunteers to pay a small fee ($5 or less) to help pay for the food. You will need to provide your own drinks for the day. (More details as the event gets closer.)


Please contact me directly with questions.  Thank you in advance for taking a little time to support scouts!   Remember, these are boys who are growing into the leaders of tomorrow.


Don Moore - KMØR