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73  Corey / KC0YNS

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Thanks for your report and the photos. Great write up and very exciting to have a television story coming up soon on your adventure. It sounds like you had a great time. Your story should be posted on the JOTA website late today or on Monday.



Jim Wilson, K5ND
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News from Great Rivers Council Booneslick Dist Troop 68 : JOTA, OCT 15, 2011 Camping at Pine Ridge Area Campground Ashland, MO.
Wanted to update everyone on the Scouting (JOTA) event. First I want to thank Don Moore (KM0R) Troop Master, For inviting the Central Missouri Radio Association to participate in the 2011 (JOTA). Also a big thank you to all the Ham operators : Joe(KC0WGB), Wes(AB0SE), Hank(KD0BVQ), Richard(AC0MP), BOB(W0BUX), Dave(KV0S), Jake(KD0IRU) Bill(N0AXZ), Norm(KC0FNA) who came out to help set up equipment and help with the Scouting event. Also want to include our thanks for the Ham operators, Max(KC0SRL), Dale (AE0S), Tim(KC0TXW), Tom(KD0MRI) Nancy(NM0C) Jack(N0KSF) who participated in some VHF local calls. It takes contributions from everyone to put on such a successful event, If I missed anyone I apologize for the error.
There were 10 boy's who made a total of 63 contacts, From Columbia & Jefferson City Missouri to Mexico City, From the East Coast to The West Coast. The Scout's also enjoyed going on Several Hidden Transmitter hunts. Both the band conditions & The weather was great. Don(KM0R) Lead the group in prayer before they served up a tasty Chili & Hot Dog lunch. Seeing the enthusiasm on these kids faces made the whole event worthwhile for me. Hopefully we will be invited back next year, If you didn't get a chance this year please mark your calenders for the third Saturday of October 2012.....
On behalf of the (CMRA) & Great Rivers Council Booneslick Dist Troop 68  Midway Area, We want to show our appreciation to, Ron Widbin of Channel ABC 17 News. Even though Ron had a busy schedule due to a Missouri Home game (Home Coming) , He still found time to do a story, Covering our event Saturday morning. This will be shown Nov 7th at 5:00PM ABC17 KMIZ, & 9:00PM KQFX Fox...Thank you, 73 Corey / KC0YNS

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I hope you had a great Jamboree on the Air Weekend. I actually plugged in my microphone and made a couple of calls --- spoke to W8FT at Camp Berry in Ohio until the signal faded out. The Scout on the other end of the QSO really generated a smile when he said he was enthusiastic about amateur radio after his first exposure during JOTA! I was also able to visit the K2BSA/5 operation at the National Scouting Museum. It was great to see the fox hunt and the satellite telemetry. A very popular event was putting together electronic circuits. I know, too, that the HF and VHF stations made lots of contacts.

I would love to hear all your stories. I already have five reports in my inbox. I'd like to get reports from every station that's registered (I'll note that I did get a few registrations late Friday and early Saturday, which have been added to the list on the website). Right now we're planning to use the registration list to index the reports --- click on an entry, and see the report. Let's get your report in so that all the stations have an active report link.

So, what should your report look like? A wonderful example is the attached report submitted by Bill Stevenson, AJ4JZ. It provides some numbers, a write up with insight into the fun and excitement of their JOTA operation, and even includes some photos. Bill submitted his in PDF format, which works great. But you are welcome to submit yours in any way that works for you --- in the body of an email, a Word file, whatever works. The report format can be seen at http://www.scouting.org/jota/event_report_form.aspx

Jot down your report this week before you forget it. Let's capture every moment of the 2011 Jamboree on the Air.



Jim Wilson, K5ND
National JOTA Organizer
JOTA Website<http://www.scouting.org/jota>