SDR dongle tutorial series

Fred Dittrich


See: 11.44 2020 SDR Guide Ep 1 : The Incredible World of Software Defined Radio (RTL-SDR, Airspy, SDRPlay etc.) 20.03 2020 SDR Guide Ep 2 : How to use over 500 remote SDRs free online (webSDR, KiwiSDR & HFDL decode) 19.23 2020 SDR Guide Ep 3 : Beginner Budget SDR Shootout (Generic vs Nooelec vs RTL-SDR v3) cheap SDRs! 15.05 2020 SDR Guide Ep 4 : Antenna Basics for SDR Beginners inc RTL-SDR / Nooelec NESDR SMArt bundle 11.22 2020 SDR Guide - Episode 5 : Software Primer 11.58 2020 SDR Guide Ep 6 : Trunk tracking Public Safety systems with UniTrunker and SDRTrunk 25.15 2020 SDR Guide Ep 7 : Trunk DMR & NXDN digital with DSDPlus and 1 RTL-SDR 8.22 2020 SDR Guide EP8 : Overcoming FM Broadcast Interference with a Nooelec flamingo band stop filter 23.57 2021 SDR Guide Episode 9 : $25 DSDPlus P25 LSM trunking walkthrough using 1 x $25 RTL-SDRv3 18.19 Ep 11 : Choosing a "Step Up" Software Defined Radio (SDR)

This series is chocked full of interesting trivia about the RTL-SDR type dongles and some setp up models. It includes comparison of representative units but I found the more interesting information talks about software. There are a bunch of freeware software apps which allow you to control your SDR. You can even decode trunking DMR. And there are a bunch of internet connected DMR radios in many countries.



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