Hallsville event

Jane Unger

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to mention something to the club to see if this is anything you guys would be interested in participating in.

I'm a member of the Hallsville Community Development Association and we are doing an event on December 10th from 1 - 7 PM.

We are hosting an event to highlight area groups and organizations. Participation is FREE.

Here is a summary of the event.

It is indoors at the Bob Lemone Building in Hallsville MO in the Large event space in the back of the building.
Groups and Organizations will have a 10 X 20 space that they can create a "diorama" of a holiday theme.
Each space must have at least 1 lighted Christmas Tree (don't have a tree? I can help with that)
Organizations can sell a goody/beverage/or item to promote themselves in Santa's Holiday Shop (the large meeting room, which will be a lighted area)
Attendees will vote on their favorite displays (small attendance fee)
Cash awards will be given to the fan voted favorites

We currently have numerous area groups and organizations signed up including several churches, children's choir, Police Foundation, youth groups, and even the Derby Dames (who will have a area that they will skating). We are looking for a Santa (if you know of one) as our Chief of Police, who does Santa appearances, has another committment.

We thought it would be really fun if CMRA would setup a holiday themed ham shack. Promote the organization through demonstrating Ham Radio usage! Chew the rag about the holidays, Santa sightings, check the weather; whatever conversations could take place.

If this is something that you guys would be interested in, we are having a meeting tomorrow at 7 PM at the Bob Lemone Bldg. Attendance is not required, but would give a good opportunity to be part of the discussion, get ideas, have questions answered. Otherwise you can go to this link to sign up! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0544acac28a2fc1-hcda

We are also looking for other organizations to participate and have contacted quite a few. If you know of other groups that may be interested, feel free to give them my email address ungerj@....


Jane (KD0VTM)