[bcares] SET 2022 & Winlink

Tim Spurgeon


Count me in.

Tim E. Spurgeon


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Sorry for the cross postings (CMRA & BCARES), but some folks that may want
to participate in the upcoming exercises are not in both of our groups, so
to start this announcement I think I have to send to both groups. (34 of
you will get this message twice :) Three things:

1. Check your calendars for the Simulated Emergency Test (SET) this year
which will be held on November 12, 2022. OEM is already thinking about the
scenario. Last year we had 22 radio operators. This included some new
operators using their HTs around the MU campus. This was great. The SET is
for all licensed hams, as we will primarily be using the VHF/UHF bands.
November 12 is far off now, but if you intend to participate I would
appreciate knowing as soon as tomorrow. You can always get off as the time
gets near if you can't make it.

2. BCARES has purchased the Ashland UHF repeater, 444.175 MHz + PL=107.2.
Get this programmed in your radios if not already, as we will be using it
for much of the SET.

3. Winlink: email by radio.
Some of you have been keeping up with how Winlink is continuing to grow
into kind of a standard for digital traffic handling especially as it
applies to EmComm situations. We had several Winlink users in last year's
SET. I suspect that many of these haven't used your Winlink since then.
The Winlink Development Team has churned out many upgrades and form
enhancements in the past year. So I feel the need to do a few Winlink
exercises to get us ready for the SET. It will start with a presentation of
the Winlink system at the next CMRA meeting. The exercises will start after
that. Hope you are ready to get your Winlink Express going for the first
time, or from the last time.

Bill N0AXZ