[bcares] SET - NOVEMBER 6, 2021

Hillman, Richard E.

Count me in
Richard AC0MP 

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The annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is coming up.There has been some great planning for this exercise in our county Office of Emergency Management group organized around Earthquake response in Boone County. We are also involving some MU campus sites in the exercise. 

We need some more amateur radio operators for this SET. Below is the list of the volunteers I have so far. (If you told me you wanted to participate, and don't see your call - I'm sorry I missed it).

Please respond to this email if you can play Saturday morning, Nov 6.

All operators are welcome. We use VHF/UHF radios, and we will tell you what to do in response to our calls. There is a place for HTs in this exercise.
If you can't leave the house, but you could use your radio that morning, we could maybe use you as a relay station. 

AD0UK – Brian
AD0ZE – Jon  
K0MIZ – Jim  
K0PHP – Chris
KC0EZE – Ernest  
KE0BTC - Ben  
KE0IKG - Paul
KE0TVT- John
N0AXZ – Bill  
N1OJG - Damon
WD6BGN - Ralph

Thanks for your support.
Bill N0AXZ

Bill -- N0AXZ