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Subject: FW: HAM operation in Joplin
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Date: Monday, May 30, 2011, 5:24 PM

Thanks to all who were willing to support the efforts in Joplin, MO.  We know we can assist whenever necessary.  Thanks to you all. Please pass this message along.




Joe Betros, KBØQHZ

Missouri District F ARES

Emergency Coordinator

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Sent: Monday, May 30, 2011 11:18 AM
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Subject: HAM operation in Joplin


Please forward this to your ARES groups as well as local ham clubs, etc.


Ladies & Gentlemen

I want to thank all of you that volunteered and came to Joplin to help with communications as well as those of you that are still contacting me to see if additional help is needed. 


However, due to the ending of the "search & recovery mode" and going to the debris and potential body part removal, the decision was made that effective at the end of shift today (Monday May 30, 2011) all ham communications from the EOC's to the field operations is being stood down.   We do have some ARES operators that are scheduled and will continue to work with SATERN through the rest of this week.


Ham communications between Springfield and Joplin started Sunday night between Freeman Hospital in Joplin and some of the hospitals in Springfield as that was the only means of communication and that was shut down Monday morning where their needs were met.

Likewise, the radio station at the Springfield Red Cross was started Sunday evening to allow comms between the Springfield & Joplin offices and to the shelter that was set up in Joplin.  That communication link stayed open until Tuesday as it was the only reliable method of communications.


I asked Cecil Higgins, AC0HA  the ADEC for District D to respond to Joplin on Tuesday morning and act as "Ham in Charge" during the disaster and help to set up additional communication links as required.  Thomas Zeller, KB0ORZ  EC for Jasper County and LaVerne Wilson, NQ0B  EC for Newton County were already in place, with members of their respective ARES groups trying to support the EOC's & Red Cross but relief was needed.


Our Ham operators expended over 1900 hours during this week and we are still counting as we have additional hours to record.  And this was for the Hams reporting through the EOC.  Countless other hours were spent by individuals hams helping in various ways plus when you include the travel time -- What an unbelievable response.


I know that many of you were scrambling to find the necessary equipment, etc. to allow you to come help this week and I'm sorry that I had to put you through that type of exercise -- but we can only respond as we are asked to do by the served agencies.


It is a great feeling to me to know that I am part of an organization with people willing to give up vacation time, etc. to help out in a time of need.  I hope we don't have another need anytime soon but it is nice to know that we have Hams & ARES members ready to serve.


I will try to get some additional data posted to the ARES website in the next couple of days  (www.ares-mo.org)


Again, I can't Thank you all enough.




Kenneth Baremore  WØKRB

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