FYI--Info from the JUNE 2011 MO SECTION NEWS

John W. Smith

My apologies to those who already subscribe to the MO ARRL Section News, but I'm passing along a good portion of the latest newsletter here. We may have members who could use info on Joplin aftermath, Field Day, and upcoming hamfests in July.


John, KC0HSB

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What could possibly have been the worst tornado ever to
strike Missouri occurred on May 22, 2011 in Joplin, MO. The monstrous
EF-5 Tornado scoured a mile wide and six miles long path of destruction
that was unimaginable. At least 10 of Joplin’s schools were either
destroyed or severely damaged to the tune of about one hundred million
dollars. St. John’s Hospital was shifted on its foundation and the
amateur radio repeater site along with the top floor of the Hospital
was destroyed. Fortunately another repeater 147.00+ owned by Jim Scott,
WB0IYC, was still operational and is being used extensively by the
SATURN group of the Salvation Army. Jim’s repeater antenna needed to
be put back up and needed some support. The antenna was made more
functional through Jim Scott’s effort and the help of Brian Short,
KC0BS who moved some large bags of concrete and strategically placed
them at the antenna site. Brian Short, KC0BS and the Emergency
Management director of Olathe, KS were interviewed about the needs in
Joplin and how others wanting to help can become qualified on KCTV-5 on
Sunday May 29th. Use the following link to see the interview if you want
to check it out.
If you haven’t read the ARRL Website article about the
Tornado, the link provided will get you there.
I’m very appreciative and thankful to all the Amateurs from all over
Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and other states that volunteered to assist
in whatever way they could. The outstanding accomplishments of the MO
Section Emergency Coordinator Ken Baremore, W0KBR, all of the ARES
members, and the many Ham volunteers is a testament to the importance
of Amateur Radio during disasters. There will be more information about
the Joplin Disaster response, in future Section News articles, when
there is more time and opportunity to summarize the event response.

This year Field Day operations will be on June 25th and 26th. Each
year the Field Day Operation seems to get bigger. I encourage all
clubs, and individuals to join in this important test of emergency
communication. If an Amateur Radio operator wants to know the location
of a field day site in their area, they should check out the ARRL Field
Day Locator website. Clubs and individuals can add their operating
location to the Field Day Locator on the ARRL Website. The link is
Those Field Day Operations that want to send a Field Day
message to the Section Manager and/or the Section Emergency Coordinator
Ken Baremore, W0KRB, can go to the MO Traffic net on 3.963 MHz at 5:45,
the MON Net (CW) on 3.585 MHz at 6:30 p.m or the 9:45 MON Session and
list your Field Day Traffic. We will do our best to take all of the
Field Day messages possible, but should we not hear everyone, it would
be a good idea for the Field Day Operation to pass the traffic to
another operator so that it can be delivered to the SM or SEC at a
later time. Winlink messages are acceptable for sending the SM or SEC
Field Day reports. Ken Baremore’s, W0KRB, winlink address is

July 16, 2011 is the Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club
Hamfest at the Fairgrounds west of Warrensburg, MO. This Hamfest is
always sold out so it would be a good idea to Keith Raihala, N0VJ, at
n0vj@.... Tables are still only $10.00 each and can be requested
at WAARCI P.O. Box 1364 Warrensburg, MO 64093.

July 17, 2011 is the Zerobeaters Hamfest at Bernie E. Hillerman
Park in Washington, MO. The number of flea market vendors is always one
of the largest in the area. There will be lots of commercial vendors, VE
exams, their Famous sandwiches, brauts, refreshments and desserts. The
admission and parking is free. Talk-in will be on the 147.24+
repeater. For more Hamfest information contact the Zero Beaters ARC
P.O. Box 1305, Washington, MO 63090. Craig Brune home: (636)-390-2161
P.O. Box 1034 Washington, MO 63090 email:n0mfd@...

July 23, 2011 The Kansas City DX Club, Missouri DX/Contest Club
and The Lebanon, MO, Amateur Radio Club will be sponsoring the W0DXCC
Convention will be in the Riverfront Community Center in Leavenworth
KS. To register for the Convention and to learn more about all the
great activities, try this link.

ARRL Missouri Section
Section Manager: Dale C Bagley, K0KY