FYI: MESN information

John W. Smith

To All Missouri Section ARES Members:

There is interest being expressed in activating the Missouri Emergency
Services Net (MESN) on a weekly basis. The net will be held on Mondays
at 7 PM. The operating frequency will be 3.963 MHz +/- with a backup of
7.263 MHz +/-. The purpose of this message is to gage the interest of
the Missouri Section membership in serving as a Net Control Operators
and/or Relay Stations to conduct the net. Along with polling for
interests for NCO or Relay stations, we also would like to know the
interest of operators willing to check into the net on a relatively
regular basis. Please send an email to Steve Wooten, ADEC for District C
at kc0qmu@... and cc kb3hf@... if you are interested in
participating in the net and in particular whether you would like to
serve as a NCO and/or Relay Station. The more interest we have in these
positions, the more chance we have in rotating these positions and
providing additional training for the net.


Steve, KC0QMU

ARRL Missouri Section
Section Manager: Cecil B Higgins, AC0HA

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