January 2012 minutes

Bill McFarland <wmcfarland@...>


Club Meeting Minutes: January 10, 2012


Meeting called to order by VP, Mike, AC0G at 7:05 PM


Introductions all around with 20 present.


Treasurer’s Report:

            Checking:         $1963.76

            Savings:            $2255.95

            CD:                  $2252.96


Old Business:

Mike, AC0G, reported that the antennae party at club station will be scheduled soon, watch for it to be published on the club listserv, maybe this weekend.


Balloon report: Dave, KV0S; testing some transmitters; two cameras, and two Styrofoam boxes have been acquired. Corey, KC0YNS, has been working on parachutes and covering for the boxes. Don, KM0R, reported on balloons for sale.


Dstar repeater has been running at low power and undergoing procedures to get to higher power.


Intertie Link: the High Hill repeater is currently off line and waiting on parts before the interstate link will be back in operation.


Weather spotting course will be held again this year as reported by Jon, N0OFJ (smart phone look-up) for Boone county on February 21 at 6:30 PM at the  Police Training Center, 5001 Meyer Industrial Dr:  573-874-7400 for registration.


Dues are due for 2012.


After some negotiations and wrangling, the following people were presented to the club for positions in 2012:


For president:                          Daniel, KC0UTW

For Vice President:                   Mike, AC0G

For Treasurer:                          Don, KM0R

For Recording Secretary:          Jim, WY0B

For Corresponding Secretary: John, KC0HSB

            (expanding into some Webmaster duties)

Member at Large:                     Corey, KC0YNS. (This will be a two year term: 2012-13)


This slate was accepted by acclamation by the club on voice vote.


Dave, KV0S, reported that the MO QSO party will be held the first full weekend in April. Some may want to plan to “Rove” and/or light up the club station. Discussion later ensued as to the potential of having a club picnic at the club station in conjunction with the MO QSO Party.


New Business:

Let Mike, AC0G, know about educational programs that you might want to see brought to the club, or would be willing to present, for the club meeting nights in 2012.


Question was raised as to the holding of the Frozen Toes bike race this year. The race is typically the last Sunday in February, and we expect a call for support later in February.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Respectively submitted,


Bill, N0AXZ, Recording secretary