John P. Walsh Lifetime Membership to Handihams

John W. Smith

The following item appeared in this week's Handiham newsletter at and may be of interest to disabled veterans.

John, KC0HSB

Reminder: John P. Walsh Lifetime Membership
Joe Walsh, KB1KXU, received a Radio Camp scholarship (Steele Foundation) that allowed him to attend the Handiham Malibu radio camp in 2004. He was able to obtain his Technician license at the camp and is grateful for that opportunity. Now Joe would like to remember his brother John, who served his country in the Armed Forces by awarding one lifetime membership to Handihams. Because his brother was a disabled veteran, he would like the scholarship to go to another disabled veteran. He would like to call it the John P. Walsh Lifetime Scholarship. We are pleased to post this on our website for the purpose of obtaining candidates for the scholarship. The grant will be $120, the cost of the lifetime Handiham membership.

We know some disabled vets, and we bet you do too. These men and women have served their country and many of them have limited means, but would enjoy amateur radio. Some may already be Handiham members but would be glad to have a lifetime membership. All too many retired vets live on very limited budgets. Now I have a favor to ask: Please help us to find a candidate for this award and help us and Joe to honor his brother John. You may email us at hamradio@... or call the toll-free number 1-866-426-3442.