June meeting minutes

Bill McFarland <wmcfarland@...>

CMRA meeting minutes -  June 14, 2011


President Daniel, KC0UTW, called the meeting to order @ 7:01 PM 


Introductions around were made with 23 on hand including guests.


Minutes from May meeting approved as posted.


Treasurers report:

Treasurer, Don, KM0R, reported that he found a cheaper rate, $65 less, for the liability insurance for the club, through the ARRL insurance connection, Hayes Inc.  The costs will be $200 annual. Motion made and by Don and seconded by Corey, KC0YNS, to accept the arrangements found by Don. Motion passed unopposed. Thanks to Don for finding a better deal


Old Business:


Fox hunts are done until Fall, reported Jon, N0OFJ.


Auction planning:

Pam, KD0GRQ, circulated a list of businesses from which members should select organizations that they could ask for products to include in the auction next month. The list contained 75 organizations from past auctions.  Pam also circulated a group of letters for members to use in working with these businesses. Emphasis should be made on our service to community as the reason we are asking for support. Auctioneer is on board.


New Business:


Pam, KD0GRQ, asked if the club could donate something for Joplin ham needs. Jon, N0OFJ, reported that someone has put together something to do that.


Daniel, KC0UTW, reported that the ARRL convention to be held in Iowa is looking for volunteer speakers. Interested members should contact Gregg: gregg@... for info.


Don, N0UBC, reported the hamfest at Joplin will still be held this year as usual. The date is Aug 27, reported Jon, N0OFJ.


Motion to accept Grant, KD0OBJ, for membership into the club was approved.


Motion to adjourn a 7:23 PM


Program for the night by Mike, AC0G, on field day.


Respectfully submitted,


Bill, N0AXZ, recording secretary