Locked Sticky K0SI DMR Repeater

Don - KM0R

Hi Folks, 

I just wanted to let everyone know that we've updated a little information on the DMR repeater posting on our website.  You can see that post here --> https://www.k0si.net/2018/07/dmr-repeater/

Hopefully, it will answer all your questions but if not, please feel free to post here in the group so we can get you some help.

Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the following group of folks who were very helpful in getting all this accomplished (listed in no particular order):
Chris - K0PHP
Jake - NS0Y
Ernest - KC0EZE
Gary - W9TIG

These are the guys who all pitched in to get the CMR repeater on the air and connected to the internet. 

Also, we would also like to express a special Thank You to iZones, LLC for donating the internet connection used for our DMR repeater!

iZones, LLC
1301 Vandiver Dr., Suite K
Columbia, MO 65202
573-4iZones (573/449-6637)

Don - KM0R

In case you haven't seen it yet, AnyTone has released a new version of firmware and CPS.  Its available on the Bridgecom site https://www.bridgecomsystems.com/pages/anytone-at-d868uv-support-page

According to Chuck, K0XM, AnyTone released V 2.33 FW and 1.33 CPS. This fixes the GPS through Motorola Repeaters AND also fixes the clicking on weak signals which was caused by the colon on the clock display.

Don - KM0R