Last Call for SET 2021

Bill McFarland - N0AXZ

Thanks to all who have volunteered for our SET-2021. We have a good group of operators for the exercise, but I will take more if you  were just procrastinating (like I do sometimes). 
If you have volunteered, but don't appear on the list  below, please email me again and I won't miss you again.
Future email organizing the SET will only be sent to the list below:

AC0MP – Richard
AD0UK – Brian
AD0ZE – Jon  
K0MIZ – Jim  
K0PHP – Chris
KC0EZE – Ernest  
KC0LYA - Dave
KD0VTM - Jane
KE0BTC - Ben  
KE0IKG - Paul
KE0OUF - Lee
KE0TVT- John
KE0ZYL - Herb
N0AXZ – Bill  
N0OFJ - John
N1OJG - Damon
N6VZO - Bob
W0VE - Jim
WD6BGN - Ralph
KA9MNZ – Cathy

Bill N0AXZ