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1. Electromagnetic interference are more pronounced in EVs
Electromagnetic interference are more pronounced in EVs
From: Bob McGraw - K4TAX
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 08:41:22 PDT

Seems that we take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  Follows is an article from another source on EMI.  Thus, if the EV electrical noise affects AM receivers, then it is likely to affect ham radio reception.  Draw your own conclusions.


Bob, K4TAX

Control EMI, don’t dump AM receivers

A Radio World article by Pooja Nair calls on makers of electric vehicles to devote sufficient resources to mitigating Electromagnetic Interference

She writes:

"the effects of electromagnetic interference are more pronounced in EVs than in vehicles with internal-combustion engines (ICEs).

Although the character and severity of this interference can be difficult to model and predict, it is clearly more disruptive to AM radio reception, often causing annoying static and limiting coverage. As a result, some EV manufacturers have begun removing AM radios — but not FM — from their vehicles.

EMI can be suppressed in EVs using well-known mitigation techniques such as shielding cables and electric motors, installing filters and carefully locating electrical components within the vehicle. Within receivers, EMI can be limited by isolating and shielding antenna and RF sections, filtering connections and carefully grounding and placing receiver components.

EV manufacturers that have successfully controlled EMI using these methods continue to provide AM radio services in their vehicles."

Read the full article at

Bob, K4TAX

Bob, K4TAX

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