Towers in Columbia city limits?

Tom Lindberg

I'm wondering what experiences you've all had getting towers put up within the city limits of Columbia.  At my old house in NE Columbia I just put things up without asking the city.  I built a W7VU style 30ft tilt-over mast that worked wonders.  Now I'm right in the middle of town in a valley (Bluffdale Drive, just off Old 63 near Broadway).  I want to do things the "right" way.  Luckily I have no HOA to worry about and my wife doesn't care.  I just need to do right by the city and for insurance.

I'd love to put up a freestanding foldover crankup mast or tower. US Towers MA-40 or MA-550 looks real attractive. That's the sort of thing I have in mind...

Any thoughts?  Experiences with getting permission from the city?  Thanks,

-- Tom N0YYW