Zoom tech class

John W. Smith

The following was forwarded to me by Dave Phelps, KC0LYA, and it was
evidently shared by a couple of the other hams in the Callaway club.
I've deleted the long list of other e-mail addresses this was copied to.
Some of us in the CMRA may have seen this already, but this may be of
interest to those who have not seen it yet.


John, KC0HSB

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From: *Bernard Bade* <bbvtech@...>
Date: Sat, Aug 20, 2022 at 6:36 AM
Subject: Zoom tech class
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And to all pass this on where appropriate.

A Zoom technicians class starting soon. Will be recorded and available
later on a Google Drive. To get to Google Drive and Zoom Fred AJ4CN will
need information from you so contact him.

Not much time to get onboard for this. Thought that you find want to get
this into distribution.

I am also including local and group radio club folks in this email for
their information.

From Fred Carroll AJ4CN Columbia, South Carolina group.  704-756-3951

“Technician Zoom Class starting Saturday September 10 at 9am to 12pm for
7 weeks.

Will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend live. Contact
AJ4CN  at

aj4cn.x@...  to sign up. This is with the new manual and questions.”

“This will be my fourth one in 2 years licensed over 30 people. Get the
word out to clubs and Nets. Free class. They buy the 5th edition ARRL
manual wherever they want and pay any fees.  I don't get paid anything.”

The class time is eastern time. The enrollment is starting now. Short


I am announcing Amateur Radio (HAM) Technician License Classes via Zoom.

^1. ^The classes will be starting on September 10^th , 17^th , 24^nd
, October 1st, 8th, 15^th , 22^th and will start a 9:00am to 12:00pm.

^2. ^The class will be recorded and posted to internet for those who
cannot attend any of those dates or times.

^3. ^Will be using ARRL manual “Ham Radio License Manual Technician
Fifth Edition” which should be available soon from many sources. Do a
google search.  Today the only two places is Amazon and ARRL that I
could find. Copy and paste the links below into a browser. *Just be sure
it is the Fifth Edition Technician Manual.*  I already have mine from
arrl.org <http://arrl.org/>. The cheapest is usually the Kindle
electronic version which I don’t see yet.  You can wait till we get
nearer the class dates.



There is a no cost for the class. The manual cost is on the individual
student and it has to be the New 5^th  edition. There will be a testing
fee which varies depending on who is doing the testing but usually under
$16.00. The N4GM Brunswick Shores Amateur Radio Club (My Club) in SE NC
is $12.00. The license price is now $35.00.  Not sure how they are
collecting that fee.
http://www.arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session to find a
testing session near your location.  Note testing should be completed
within a few weeks of completing the class.  I will absorb the Zoom
cost.  Joining a club is recommended and you can find a local club at

This method has been used before with great success. The previous
classes have at least 30 people testing and passing the exam. Several
students took the General exam after successfully passing the Technician
and passed the General test on the same day.  Granted they had a
background that helped them with the process.  Multiple students have
advanced there license since passing the Technician class and previous
classes include at least 6 advancing to Extra Class license.

I need Full Name, Address, Phone and Email address to send them the
requirements and information. Cutoff date is 09/01/2022. First come
first serve.

Fred Carroll





More email from AJ4CN

*!!Note in all email communications I do a BCC which is a blind copy so
your email is never sent to other individuals.  If you do not want to
receive emails about the class, Reply and say REMOVE.*
*/Students/: If you have not sent me a request to join as a student
please do so now or you might be excluded.  I need Name, Address, Phone
Number and Email address.*
*/HAM's/: Please try to join one of our classes to add to the class
experience. *

We are 3 weeks out from the start of class on 9/10/2022 @ 9:00am (9:00
hours).  You should have purchased your Manual and please start reading
it.  Class 1 will cover Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 so be prepared.  The
manual can be purchased in many places (I do not get kickbacks or any
remuneration for teaching the class):

*Kind Regards, Bernard KE0DHO*

Here is what was requested to send by Jerry.